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Wow! 2023 was an amazing start for B&B Sanctuary!
We launched in May and accomplished alot with support from people like you! We made an impact on lives this year. By adopting Maxime the cow from a rescue, we provided room for 2-3 horses (or more!) to be rescued. 
See our year below.  Imagine what we can accomplish in 2024 with your further suppport!


Our non profit journey started in 2021. We launched in April 2023!

The COVID-19 pandemic helped the founders evaluate what was important to them. Jen and Ben realized that rescuing animals and preventing animal abuse and neglect was a major passion of theirs. They wanted to make a bigger impact. Unfortunately, they encountered multiple hurdles including town zoning and planning. This process delayed the progress of the sanctuary for over a year. Jen and Ben just wanted to do some good in the world but quickly realized the barriers surrounding this work.

November 2022

The new pasture was cleared and Marge the Yak arrived to the sanctuary

We went to work prepping the pasture for spring. This including adding 4 tons of lime by hand to the new fields. Lime is needed to reduce the acidity of the soil in order for the pasture seed to grow.  Marge the yak arrived and loved watching us work on her new field! 


The summer of fence building 2023

We seeded the new pasture about 3 times due to the heavy rain washing it away. It rained and rained in New Hampshire this summer. All heavy equipment got stuck in the field so Ben had to install all 130 fence posts by hand. Marge the yak was the only one enjoying the rainy weather.

Fall 2023

Marge's fence is complete and her cow friend Maxime arrived!

The field and fence is finally ready and Maxime the cow from Live and Let Live Rescue in NH arrived in early October. Maxime was taking up space that could rescue 2-3 horses for about 2 years! She was struggling to find a forever home and was also alone, just like Marge the yak. You helped us reach our goal of finding a friend for Marge!

October 2023 Maxime the cow and Marge the yak were integrated into the new field and became instant friends! We are excited to see their friendship grow!

We have plans to rescue more farm animals in need and grow our community of people who share our passion for animal welfare. Keep following our journey to see what 2024 brings!

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