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How it Started

The founders, Jen and Ben, found their home in a picturesque New England setting in Wilmot, NH. They started adopting abused and neglected rescue animals and saw how beautiful the animal transformations were. Once given quality care, love and attention, the animals flourished and are now loving life. They thought, "Wow, I wish we could do this for more animals." Then the sanctuary was created!

How did we get our name?

Well, the founders' rescue passion started with dogs (bark) and evolved into a donkey's (bray). Their two favorite noises are the bark and the donkey's bray. It was only natural that this became their name. 

Read more about our mission on our home page


Our Board Members

Ben Taylor, President,

Judy Ardron, Vice President

Hannah White, Chief Financial Officer

Jen Taylor, Executive Director,

Mary Scott, Secretary

Jon Rourke

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