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Join the herd by sponsoring an animal resident 

You can make a BIG impact on an animal's life through monthly sponsorship.
You can be the hero in their story!

Sponsorship makes a great gift! A special welcome packet will arrive in the mail to the recipient of your choice! They will then receive exclusive seasonal updates via email on the sponsored animal. It's a gift that gives all year!

Read each animal's story below and select your favorite or donate to our general herd fund, which will give you a general update on all. 
Please note that only recurring giving will be eligible for the benefits of sponsorship


Sponsor Sybill the goat_edited.jpg
Marge in snow.jpg

Marge the Yak

Queen B braided hair.jpg

Queen B the mini horse


Big D the mini donkey

cow and rainbow

Maxime the cow


Hagrid the Pig


Molly the mini highland cow

What does caring for Maxime look like.png
benfits of sponsoship

Sponsorship is a rewarding way to be a part of the herd at B&B! Through sponsorship, you know that your donation is going directly towards your favorite animal's care. As a result, you can have a sustainable impact on that animals life! Any amount of recurring donation is eligible for sponsorship. 

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

  • A Welcome Packet will be mailed to the recipient. This includes a sponsorship certificate personalized to the recipient, letter about your animal and stickers

  • You will receive seasonal updates on your animal (4 times a year!) via  email. Only those involved with sponsorship will receive the one of a kind messages and behind the scenes content about their furry or hairy companion.

  • This can be a great gift for your friends and family! You can give and personalize the message to whomever you choose. We will even email it to them directly.

New upgrades to sponsorship are here!

You now get additional perks for being a sponsor. These include:

  • First dibs on registering for all of our events. You have an opportunity to register 1 week early before the public. This ensures you can reserve your spot because our events usually have a capacity limitation.

  • Priority booking for farm visits and donkey treks: Once we open for the season in Spring, you will have 2 weeks to pre-register for these experiences before the general public.

We will communicate all of this via email.

Click their picture or the link below each animal to learn their story and about their needs. 

Business sponsorships available

If your business would like to partner with us, please reach out to Jen at

We are looking for donations of fencing, gravel, sand and farm/garden equipment.

If you would like to name a project after your business, reach out!

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